Houses and Astrology

The twelve signs of the zodiac show the positions along the ecliptic where the planets can be found on any date. These planetary positions don’t change very much during a single day. However, the earth’s rotation brings a new rising sign into play about every two hours. Remember the zodiac is fixed in space, it…

The Aspects & Astrology

The cosmic energies of the planets in the positions of the zodiac in the houses are also affected by how the planets are positioned with respect to each other at any time. Some positions produce arrangements that reinforce these energies in helpful ways, while others bring about disruptive effects. These relations between planetary positions are called Aspects….


Fin de semana en autocaravana

Sí, todo está incluido, le grité a Hans que acababa de preguntar si podíamos ir. La autocaravana estaba llena para un fin de semana largo con nuestros mejores amigos; Per y Johanna. Este viaje era el segundo y habíamos ajustado algunos detalles para que todo funcionara mejor con cuatro. Entre otras cosas, Hans había hecho posible que todos pudiéramos…