The neighbour and her daughter Pt. 2

Mona gets up from the recliner and walks up to me with a smile on her face and a suck in her eyes. I feel a small pressure in the cock that lies slack to the side against the thigh.

“Jonas, you look really lovely where you lie naked and sweaty… and now I want to make it really nice for you” says Mona.

“Thank you for the compliment Mona, you are an attractive woman… I get horny to see you too”.

Mona crawls on all fours between my legs and approaches the cock like a hungry lioness. The large breasts with wide nipples hang down and look very inviting. The cock begins to stiffen from anticipation. Mona bends down with outstretched tongue and licks from the scrotum up along the cock.

“Ahhhh Mona, god how nice….” Mona repeats her lion-like licking over the scrotum and along the cock until the cock becomes glossy from her saliva.

The cock is now stiff and hard when Mona’s lips finally enclose the cock head, I can not escape a long moan. She is still standing on all fours and is now starting to suck up and down with slurping sounds. The saliva flows down along the cock and now Mona starts caressing my scrotum with her hand… .it almost becomes too much so I have to interrupt Mona before I come.

“Mona, now we have to fuck… have to get into your hairy pussy”.

“Yes, Jonas, it’s so nice to see you hard and ready again… I’m so horny for you now… and now it’s your turn to be on top.”

Mona lies on her back on the other deck chair and spreads her thighs and puts her legs on the armrests. Her medium blonde hairy pussy is wet and open… so inviting.

“Jonas, bring your hard cock in my pussy” Mona moans softly. Mona’s sagging breasts rest heavily on the sides and I feel how the horniness rises even more in my already rock hard cock. I get on my knees between her plump thighs and kiss Mona. Her tongue flutters willingly in my mouth.

“Come, now Jonas, I want to feel you in me again” moans Mona in my ear.

I break the kiss and look down and suck on her breasts “Ohhh, so skööönt” moans Mona again.

Mona has now lost patience and grabs my buttocks with her nails and pulls me towards her waiting pussy. I feel how the cock enters her hot and wet pussy. “Jaaaaa, now Jonas fuck me nuuu”.

I fuck Mona for a long time and hear how it really tastes every time the cock slides into her wet pussy. All the time Mona holds my buttocks, sometimes with her nails and sometimes with a firm grip and in this way she decides the pace.

After a while I feel how the pressure starts to form in the scrotum “Mona… .it’s so nice… can not resist anymore” I puff her ear.

“Soon, Jonas… .not really yet” moans Mona while she grabs my buttocks and increases the pace. I resist with all I can to not come… and manage to overcome the first tension. Mona pants higher and higher and seems to be on the move.

Suddenly I feel a hand hugging my scrotum at the same time as I feel Mona’s firm grip on my buttocks. I do not understand anything at first, but then I see that Eva has returned

“Hi Jonas, just wanted to help… hihhi”.

It becomes the stroke of grace for me and I moan loudly when I start to come in a violent orgasm. Mona feels how I hit the cock with strong grips and starts pumping her pussy with cum

“Jaaaaaaa… ..come now Jonas …… .I will come tooooo”.

I drive the cock with hard and long strokes and every time I thrust the cock I feel how Eva hugs my scrotum.

“God was awesome… I could really feel the forces when it went for you Jonas” says Eva laughing.

I remain in Mona’s sweaty arms with my cock still in her pussy.

“I have to go now mom… and Jonas thank you for the effort today I really appreciate it… in several ways” says Eva as she goes her way.

I get up and lie down again on my deck chair while Mona stays for a while… she smiles at me.

“I also want to thank… .it was nice to Eva, and me”.

She gets up and gives me a slap kiss… I see how the sperm flows down her thighs when she turns around. She also realizes this and says ooops while holding the mouse to block and runs around to herself.

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