The neighbour and her daughter Pt. 1

This story is about an event that took place this summer when it was at its hottest. I am a man in my upper forty years and live with my family in a terraced house outside Stockholm. I have a job that involves intensive shifts and that allows long vacations in the middle of the week. This allows me to be alone at home while the rest of the family either works or goes to school.

The townhouse is located on a gable and our only neighbors are a couple who are about 10 years older than my wife and I. Mona and Rickard as they are called, also work irregular hours and it happens that we see each other sometimes when we have our free weekdays. Mona has a typical housewife look with an attractive face and medium blonde hairstyle. She has a curvy body with quite plump breasts. Mona and Rickard have three daughters from 20 to 27 years. The daughters do not live there and we do not have much contact with them, but we suspected that the eldest, a dark-haired pretty girl, could be a lesbian as she often had friends with a “special look” with her home.

The event took place on such a day off in the middle of the week. It was, as everyone probably remembers, a great summer with record heat and lots of sun. I sat on our back and sunbathed in my shorts and with a bare torso. Despite the terraced length of the terraced houses, we have arranged it so that it is separated from the neighbor and from the road. Therefore, it was no problem for me to sometimes lie down and sunbathe completely naked. Just this day, it felt really nice to take off the shorts and lie naked in the deck chair.

I lay half asleep and dreamed of a hot beach, naked women and felt that the excitement made my cock a little stiff.

“Hello, neighbor, can you have a coffee,” was heard from the other side of the side plank.

I barely had time to rule until I saw the neighbor standing inside our patio.

“Oops, Jonas, it was not meant to be disturbing” was heard a little mumbling from Mona. She seemed so taken aback that she almost started to back off.

“By all means, there is no danger” I hear myself say, without understanding what I myself meant by it.

“Is it safe, I mean you do not take it badly… .and like being naked…. I just wanted to offer coffee… it was not meant to be disturbing ”was heard a little gently from Mona.

She had apparently gathered a little after the first so-called naked shock.

When the first surprise subsides, I see that she is standing with a tray of coffee and a cake.

“But sit down, we should not give up coffee time… I apologize so much for not being sufficiently representative of guests” I try to say a little jokingly.

I’m lying on the towel, so all I can do is lay one side of the towel over the thigh so that it covers the cock.

“If, it’s ok for you so…” Mona says carefully and approached the table.

I see that her gaze flutters for a brief moment down towards the thigh and the bulge under the towel, and then with excessive concentration places the tray on the table next to me.

It is only now that I notice what Mona is wearing. She wears a bikini top with cropped jeans where the trouser legs almost end at the crotch.

I’m a little surprised by her challenged outfit because I’ve never seen her dressed like this before. She is always so dressed up, and never in a bikini.

While she sets out the cups and cuts the cake, I look a little more closely and see that the bikini top is of 70’s cut with thin strings around the neck and around the sides. The full breasts hang heavily and move with each movement. The thighs are slightly strong, and actually a little hairy, with light brown hairs, especially on the narrow legs.

I feel how it tingles in the cock at the sight of her curvy body and body hair. It gets even more exciting when I see her unshaven armpits.

We start with coffee and Mona is lying on the other deck chair diagonally opposite me. We talk about the warm weather and how nice it is. At the same time, I find it increasingly difficult to keep control of my cock. Mona became more and more relaxed as the conversation continued, and even began to smile at my worries.

“Jonas, it looks very nice as you have it now, how about a cold beer?”

“Yes, thank you, very happy” and she immediately gets up to pick up the beer from her. I can not help but follow her with my eyes.

I barely have time to think about the situation before she comes back with a bottle of beer and a glass. Once again we lie half on the sunbeds and talk about everything possible. Mona has now pulled up one of her knees, which allows me to glimpse the crotch between the wide thighs. She kind of wiggles her leg to the side and I can sometimes glimpse her panties and the brown bush in the crotch.

She sees that I look and smile at my attempts to look untouched, which must look comical, especially when the small towel flap makes it all the more difficult to hide my growing condition.

“Jonas, I have to say it looks pretty nice, do you mind if I take it off too?”

What is this? I think. This is how Mona has never been.

“Yes, of course,” I say, half whispering in a rising desire.

Said and done, Mona from her half-lying position begins to fuss over her cropped jeans. She wiggles her soft buttocks and takes off her jeans with the result that the panties also go halfway along. I see her bulging belly and the hairy light brown pussy bush. Next follows the bikini top and the heavy breasts hang almost down to the navel in her sitting position.

“I’m glad you like the show Jonas,” says Mona with a smile.

The cock had now become really stiff from the sight of Mona and her “striptease” in front of me. I’m still surprised, yes, almost shocked at her behavior, but also now very horny. Mona’s mature and curvy body. Her hairy pussy, hanging tits with very large warts make me hornier than ever. Last of all, the panties go off and now I have also swept away the towel and now show off my hard cock that stands up against my stomach.

We are now half opposite each other, on my back of the townhouse, and feel the heat from the sun. Mona puts one leg up again and at the same time spreads her legs a little. This means that I can now see her pussy and actually glimpse the horny juice in the slit.

“I saw you from upstairs… saw you sunbathing naked and how you caressed his cock” Mona says suddenly.

“In fact, I’ve seen you several times… and got horny watching you… you did not know that right?”

“No, I did not think you could see me from upstairs, I would have missed it.”

Mona lowers her hands to her breasts and begins to caress her nipples.

“I see that you get horny from me Jonas, I must admit that it is flattering that an aunt like me with my hanging breasts Jonas can turn you on.”

“Jonas, jerk off your cock for me så .and I will caress my pussy for you… but you have to fit so that you do not come… is that understood?”

I nod in response and start jerking off my now rock hard cock.

Mona starts caressing her pussy, a finger is moved along the vagina. She is so horny that her finger slides easily into the pussy opening while she lets out a long moan.

“Hello, are you there mom” is heard from a young girl’s voice. I get really cold in the stomach when I hear the steps approaching from Mona’s terrace.

“Eva, we are here with Jonas, come over” Mona shouts out. I look terrified at Mona and wonder what she’s doing, we are discovered for a thousand… sitting naked.

I start to get up, thinking I have to hide before she comes. But before I even sit up, Eva is standing on my terrace.

“Hi Jonas… .mom, I see you got him started, hihi”

“Yes, it was not that difficult, he became rock hard almost immediately” says Mona laughing.
I look at Mona wondering, what does she mean? Is this planned?

Mona laughs at me “There is no danger Jonas, sit back and enjoy what is to come”.
“Yes, do it Jonas” says Eva who starts to unbutton the buttons in the shirt.

I lie back and see how this beautiful dark-haired girl starts to undress right in front of me. Eva takes off her shirt and exposes her big firm breasts. She has very hairy armpits and her nipples are like swollen strawberries.

“You understand Jonas, Eva is a lesbian and has never been with a man. Now she and her partner have decided to have a child and need some help…. Do you understand what I mean? ”

“Huh, do you want me to make her with children?” I wonder.

“Yes, do you want to stand up for me… .and have it a little nice as a reward for the work?”, Asks Eva who bends down to take off her panties.

Eva gets up again and I see how beautiful and sexy she is, big firm breasts… curvy body and a big strong dark pussy bush that reaches out to the thighs and with a dark string up to the navel.
The cock, which had become slack with the shock, gained renewed strength and rose proudly again.

“Yes, I stand, on the condition that I do not have to announce paternity”

“That’s exactly how I want it,” says Eva.

“But, the thing is, I’ve never been with a guy and I feel very insecure about having your cock in my pussy… I actually do not feel horny to see you naked”.

“Then, let’s start and make sure he’s suicidal enough, before you take over Eva.”

Mona, who has constantly stroked her pussy, gets up and puts a border on me. I see her lovely breasts hanging heavily down to her stomach and her light brown pussy bush. She bends down and gently jerks her cock.

“Jonas, you understand that you are not allowed to squirt in me, but you have to save the kit for Eva?”

I nod eagerly in response. Eva lowers her pussy against his cock and her breasts sway freely as she leans forward. I suddenly feel the heat from Mona’s hot pussy… how it envelops the cock. She is very wet I slide easily in… .all the way into the wet pussy.

“Ahhhhh, Jonas your cock feels soooooo awkward”, moans Mona while getting up a bit too slowly lowering her pussy over the cock again.

Ooooh, Mona how beautiful you are, I moan back.
Mona moves up and down over the cock and we hear how it really tastes every time the cock comes into the pussy.

“Well then, Eva, I think you can at least take over,” says Mona panting.

“I would have liked to have continued, but I am afraid that Jonas will not be able to hold out for long.”

Mona gets up and the cock glistens wet from her pussy juice. Eva takes Mona’s place over me and lowers her pussy down towards the cock. “You must not touch me Jonas, it is understood.”

Disappointed, I put my hands away. Mona sits down next to her and grabs his cock and points it at Eva’s hairy pussy. Eva lowers a little more and I feel how she presses against the cock. Mona touches the cock in Eva’s vagina to lubricate the opening.

The cock head comes in quickly… and after a few small jerks, the whole cock has entered Eva’s pussy.

“Ohhh, now he’s inside me” Eva says a little panting. She stays there for a while to feel like feel.

I want her to start fucking me, but I understand that it must go slowly. Suddenly I feel a hand hugging my scrotum… it is Mona who wants me to keep the arousal up.

After a while, Eva gets up slowly until only the cock head is surrounded by her pussy. Her black hairy pussy bush is well developed and attractive. Eva lowers her pussy and the cock slides in easily.

“Ahhhh Eva, your pussy is so hot and tight” I moan loudly.

Eva giggles to “That… pussy has never felt a cock before, Jonas… .but I have to admit that it feels quite nice”.

She pushes her pussy all the way down again…. o so quickly up again, to immediately bump down. “Ooohh… guuud it feels damn nice”, Eva moans.

Eva starts caressing her big breasts med ..with her hands over her breasts and more focused on the nipples which are now very stiff. She pinches them between her thumb and forefinger and pulls out her breasts… “Uuhhhh… .hmmm how nice it is… I never thought so”.

Eva starts riding his cock at a steady pace and she is really wet in her pussy. She rides faster and faster while pinching her nipples.

“Oohh… .ahhh hmmmm, Jonas you will soon be able to squirt your cum in me… ..make me pregnant” is heard loudly from her.

I feel how the arousal rises every time the cock slides into her hot and tight pussy. “Ohhhh Eva, I can no longer resist anymore” I moan effortlessly.

“Not yet your bastard… ..Ahhh I will come soon… just a little more… ..ohhhhhh”.

Eva rides like crazy faster and faster… .. “Oohhhh… .it’s not saaant… .nuuuuuu I will” shouts Eva.

“Squirt now Jonas… ..your cum in pussy nuuuuuu”. It becomes too much for me and I feel how I come with powerful and long cumshots in her pussy.

Eva holds her pussy hard down against the cock and moves slowly back and forth to kind of milk me on all cum.

After a while, however, Eva gets up and the cock slides out with a slurping sound.

“Thank you… .for putting up Jonas… .must say it was damn nice, I did not think so”.

“I’m just happy to be able to help… .and it was really nice too”.

Eva goes back to her and Mona and I are left, lying sweaty and naked on the sun loungers.

“You seemed to enjoy the assignment,” says Mona with a smile. She is lying with one leg at an angle and has something tricky in her eyes.

“Jonas, can you repeat the feat?”

“It’s a bit of a shame about me right now, I did not receive any dividend for my own part.”

“Hmmm, then we have to try to do something about it..although I may need a little extra inspiration now in the beginning” says with increasing excitement.

To be continued…

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