The couple

After a time of hot conversations, some fantasies came true.

She and her husband are very open with their sex lives and she writes with men and he with women. 

She and I got a good “connection” and we were completely open with each other about what fantasies we have and had.

I told her that I always wanted to see or hear when a couple has sex, when I turn on to hear a woman enjoy.

After a couple of days, she suddenly wrote “was available on snap tonight, because I will call you”.

Oops, I thought, asking what’s going on.

She replied that it would be a little surprise.

I walked like on needles and felt that this was very exciting and I had my ideas about what it could be about.

Time passed incredibly slowly that day and when the evening finally came, I checked the phone constantly.

Finally it rang and she was.

I answered.

At first it was quiet at the other end, then she said -Hello, I will put the phone aside now so you know.

Okay, I answered and at the same time felt how my cock throbbed under my jeans.

I heard her voice say – I want to suck your cock darling.

Then I heard him start moaning and I heard her suck his cock.

She started moaning and I assumed he had his fingers in her.

Shit, I have to get in with the headphones and ran to get them.

My cock was now really hard and the thought that I finally get to hear a couple having sex drove me crazy. I jerk off so I almost get tired of hearing them.

She moans louder and says – I want your cock in me now!

It gets quiet for a while and then she moans a lot and I do how he fucks her hard and I know she gets a really big and rough cock in her wonderfully sexy pussy.

He fucks her so she comes really hard, pretty fast. I squirt at the same time and get an incredibly large batch over me.

After a while I hear him coming and she apparently takes his sentence in her mouth.

The call is interrupted, she hung up.

The next day she wrote and asked what I thought.

It was ill-lit, I replied.

She answered well.

I thought you could come to us on Saturday night and see us live if you want?

But you can only look, she said.

At first I hesitated a bit and thought, should I live this out properly and do I really dare …

Said and done, Saturday had come and I turn into the guest car park next to their townhouse, look up which number I am going to and start walking nervously towards their home. 

Calls and there she comes and opens.

But hey she says with a wide smile.

So shit, she’s so much sexier in reality and sickly beautiful.

I step in and greet her husband who is standing in the hall.

We sit on the couch and talk a little while the TV is on in the background.

I sit at the far end of the sofa and the two of them sit next to each other.

She is wearing a short red skirt and it is rumored that she is wearing black lace panties underneath.

He grabs her head and kisses her, while his hand begins to caress her thighs.

Fuck, I think when I feel how horny I get.

His hand begins to move upwards towards her pussy and he caresses her angrily on the outside of her panties.

She puts her hand between his legs and presses her hand against his hard cock.

It can be seen through his jeans that it is big.

He pulls the edge of her panties aside and starts caressing her so she enjoys herself properly and she is really wet.

I can not help but grab my cock but on the jeans and feel that I will come fast tonight.

He goes down on his knees, lifts her legs over his shoulders and licks her and has his fingers in her at the same time. She moans and lets her hands rest on his head.

I unbutton my jeans and take out my cock because I can not help it anymore.

She comes off his tongue and fingers and he quickly takes off his pants. His cock is really hard and he penetrates her directly, deep & hard.

Her pussy is so incredibly sexy and I get incredibly horny from watching a couple fuck.

I can not hold back any longer, but moan loudly and come.

She comes next at the same time as me and says in a moan – god how horny I get from this!

He takes out his cock and squirts all over her belly and breasts.

After this we sat and talked for a while and laughed at the whole situation and came to the conclusion that this was not the last time.

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