Surprising forest walk

Sunday and a little hungover after yesterday’s boy night with whiskey way too late .. But as usual I know that it feels better after a brisk walk, preferably in the woods.

The icy north wind bites my cheeks, but the spring sun warms at the same time when it hits my face. A wonderful season, I think when I step over the ditch into the forest glade. The coffee taste remains in my mouth after the first cup of the day and it has also given me enough energy to speed up the steps. I want to be a little out of breath so that when you get home again, it will feel more legal to be lazy to a movie on a Sunday like this. The birds have woken up and it is a lovely song when you enter the forest. The dew remains on the leaves and I am completely alone between the trees. After a while I sit down on a stump and just enjoy. I squint at the sun and think that it seems to be a wonderful spring day this Sunday.

When I get up and have just started walking out towards the path again, a branch is heard breaking further away. I quickly stop and focus my gaze. It must be a deer or something bigger .. Several crackling sounds are heard but I see nothing. A cautious concern begins to creep in. What if I bump into a wild boar or a big angry moose who wants to defend his cubs … But it gets quiet and I move on. Just when I’m up on the sitigen again, I see out of the corner of my eye that something is moving a good distance in among the trees. Carefully I sneak closer and now see that it is a girl. She has a green raincoat and I follow her slowly at such a long distance that I can not see much more. I wonder what she’s doing out there, because there are no mushrooms this year. But it soon reminds me that I just sat on a stump in the middle of nowhere and could seem strange. I walk along the path and it looks like in a circle around the place where the girl was. When I’m on the other side, more in front of her, I can not help it. I step into the tall grass and over some fallen trees. Looking slowly to the place where I thought I had seen the woman. Just when I have climbed over a steep and get a much better view, I hear how it crackles again of broken twigs. I stop and crouch. To my great surprise, I now see the woman at only about 20 meters away, but quite far below me. She is sitting in a tailor’s position with a completely naked lower body. I do not know where to go and want to both run from there and stay .. What is she doing? I have to rub my eyes and pinch my arm .. Well, that’s right. She masturbates. She sits completely sonic and rubs her wet abdomen in the middle of the forest. Now that I am completely still, I can even hear her heavy breathing and panting, I’m so close. She closes her eyes and I start thinking about what would happen if she discovered me. I can barely breathe. But as quietly as I can, I begin to descend the mountain. Now I’m so close I should be ashamed. But I can not help it. I lie down right behind a larger rock in the middle of sometimes a bunch of ferns. She now moans louder and I am tossed between the thought of going forward, or just pulling out my cock and enjoying what I see. It falls on the latter. I dare not go forward but instead start jerking there in the middle of the ferns. It was one of the best masturbation moments of my life. I closed my eyes and was so close! But then suddenly everything was interrupted by a twig that was broken. I hastily opened my eyes and held for my sex. What I meet is a smiling woman without pants …! She said quickly. -Oh, sorry if I scared you, but keep going. But I think it will probably be more fun if we help each other. Then she sat down next to me and took my stiff limb in her mouth, completely sonic she took for granted. And I did not protest! After a while I regained my composure and took her hard from behind. Her will was as obvious as it was emotional and she puffed on her ass as if she would never get enough. She completely roared out her horniness when she reached climax and I could not hold back any longer. It exploded in a cascade that made me see flashes while I saw her body collapse in an exhausted pleasure mixed with twitches of orgasm. We lay there for a while, completely exhausted and taken by the moment. Then she just said, -Fantastic to meet you out here, maybe see you again … I did not get a word .. But I followed her with my eyes for a long time until she was barely visible between the trees. I looked down at my swollen and throbbing cock and thought, I will soon forget this …

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