My X’s mom

Sometimes life gets a little weird and this happened when I was about 20 years old and had quite recently decided me and my girlfriend Karin to make a break in our relationship when she would go to the US and study to start with a year and felt both that it would be difficult to be faithful.

Of course it felt empty and strange when I waved her off at Arlanda with her parents and when we sat in the car there was a strange silence and nothing special was said when they let me go. 

But after a few days, the cell phone rang and when I looked at it, I saw that it was Marianne, Karin’s mother

But hey I answered

Hi myself, now you’re probably wondering why I’m calling 

Yes a little…

It was so that when I washed, there were two sweaters and a pair of underwear there that I washed up that you can pick up when it suits you, I put it in Karina’s room for so long.

But how nice, for me it would fit on Thursday night, what does it look like for you are you home then?

Yes I’m home at five and Lasse is out traveling as usual.

Yes but then see you on Thursday at seven then.

I went over so I would be there at seven as I said and when Marianne opened I got a really cozy hug from her

God what fun to see you, yes the same I said

Marianne was always nicely dressed, almost a little classic, and if she ever wore jeans, they were not cheap jeans.

Today she wore a semi-tight, slightly tight skirt and a nice, slightly patterned blouse and her hair was neatly set up. She was a really nice woman because she had just turned 45, she’s seen her in a bikini on the plot a number of times and sometimes her eyes still have a little carina too long but she was my girlfriend’s mother…

Do you want a cup of coffee before you go?

Yes, gladly, and when she went to the kitchen I thought I noticed that her breasts rocked a little more than usual, it could be that she was without a bra underneath…

We sat down and little ones talked about everything a little possible, including Karin and me and how I saw that yes newly single yes myself I am quite used to being alone because Lasse travels so much so is probably a little half single says Marianne and both laughed a little at it and when I studied her as carefully as I could I could feel a pair of stiff nipples against the fabric.

It was time to move, picked up my clothes and when I was going to go I got another hug and took the opportunity to caress her lightly over the back and felt no bra strap, she who never walks without bra Karinars had to back her ass a little so she would not feel how my cock stiffened.

Fear of you for so long, we may well be heard in some way

I answered the same thing, it turned out that it would not be long before I in turn fKarin some things that Karin had forgotten that she had with me so I sent an sms to Marianne if it was okay to come by some evening with her cases.

Of course Marianne replied is home every night this week after 6pm.

When I was quite, curious to meet her again, I replied that then I would look past tomorrow night.

Going really well is alone at home “as usual” was the answer, did not know what to answer and just wrote okay.

Was a little irritated in some strange way when I rang the doorbell and Marianne opened and this evening she had a white blouse and definitely no bra underneath as I clearly saw her nipples against the fabric and to this a nice half short skirt.

Got a cozy hug and came in came in ..

The cock started to move in her pants and became a little unsure of how I should handle the situation but gave her a compliment that she was good looking as usual…

Thank you she smiled, yes you have never had to be ashamed of you either… a real mother-in-law’s dream but now it did not happen so she laughed.

Felt I had to get out of there and process the impressions so thanked me.

It took about a week so Marianne messed up that I could call her when it worked for, she wanted to hear if I could look at their dishwasher which suddenly stopped working as I am good at that.

I called almost at once and heard what it could be and suspected that it could be an electrical fault but she had checked the plug so it was not.

We agreed that I would come over on Friday night after work and again I was told that she was alone at home….

I was with Marianne at half past six and this time Marianne was wearing a tighter white blouse and clearly a loose bra underneath and as usual a nice skirt but it has been a little tighter than usual and saw that it had a zipper along the whole side and got as usual a welcome hug and attans how good she smelled and was glad that I myself was freshly showered and smelled fresh.

I measured the socket for the dishwasher that there was power and it did, removed the front plate under the machine and then saw at once that a cable had come loose from a pin probably vibrated loose, pressed there it pressed the on button and the lamp shone on the machine. Screwed the front plate there and told Marianne who was sitting on a kitchen chair and watched that now it should work but just as well to run a disk program and check for safety.

Marianne put in some detergent and chose a program and then it started.

But god so wonderful that it was so easy you are for wonderful P who comes and helps a middle-aged aunt on a Friday night with this. What do I owe? 

You will not be guilty of anything that would never in your mind charge you.

But you do not drive or?

When how so?

Then I can probably offer a glass of wine while the machine is running.

Yes, thank you more than happy… Marianne served a glass and another when we were a little thirsty at first and then she asked again when she was leaning a little against their large dining table if I did not want to be paid for the job.

When really did not answer again

But you want something…

Then I thought that it had to wear or break because I had gotten shit horny on her due to her delicious dress.

Went to her grabbed under her arms lifted her up put her on the table leaned me forward and kissed her she opened her mouth a little but then pulled it away.

The only thing I would like right now is you I said and let my one hand caress around her breast felt how the nipple stiffened…

But P .. she gasps until I’m married ..

Marianne, both you and I know that you ignore it right now just like I do…

Took my second hand over the other breast massaged they gently grabbed the top button slowly unbuttoned it and the next and next soon the whole blouse was unbuttoned put my hands around her breasts caressed softly and praised her for her nice breasts because they were really nice .  

Do you think Marianne answered, yes I think so and very lovely to caress probably want to taste a little of them.

You are very welcome to do that, it was quite a long time since Lasse did something like that.

Yes, Marianne lay down on her back against the table, leaned over one of my breasts, let my tongue lick her nipple before I gently sucked it into my mouth.

But so wonderfully kind suck a little harder it came from Marianne, grabbed the other breast pinched her lightly in the wart so she moaned a little again, P you make me so heavenly horny.

Should not do this but have not had sex in so long and now you get a secret I have never had any other man than Lasse it was he who took my virginity.

And you should know that I have fantasized about you because you and Karin are not always so quiet.

A bit the same here Marianne but you were my girlfriend’s mother and forbidden fruit.

Stretched a little on me and we met in a hot kiss, caressed her blouse and then pulled the zipper on the skirt so it split and there lay Marianne in just the panties in front of me pushed her up further on the table caressed me slowly along her legs brought my hands under her panties and slowly pulled them off.

Yes, you can excuse me for not being clean shaven, but I have not had anyone for a long time to make me nice.

You are so heavenly nice Marianne do not think about it you are nice sexy and I really want to have sex with you I answered before I leaned forward shared softly on her already moist labia and let my tongue play in the gap and slowly seek out her clitoris when the tongue reached it so she moaned lightly and I inserted a finger into her and then slowly another caressed and licked her softly rotated a little with the thumb and tongue over her horny hard clitoris just let her receive and enjoy.  

Yes yes please continue I think I will come soon and she came in a powerful orgasm felt how her mouse hugged around my fingers…

Lord God Marin you are absolutely wonderful I can not remember when I had such a nice orgasm last time.

She got up a bit and that now it’s your turn took my hand and led me to their bedroom sat on the bed and myself I thought I was dreaming a bit when I looked at the lovely Marianne who was sitting there completely naked in front of me she snapped a little eagerly up my jeans and let them fall to the floor put their hands on my thighs slowly caressed under my panties felt her hands in my groin they were Marianne and hot and my cock stiffened to when I felt her one hand around my scrotum. 

How smooth and good it is, said Marianne, yes it is freshly shaved since this morning, I replied.

I have to see it so she and pulled my underwear down to my knees.

But you are all clean-shaven, she smiled and how well-equipped you are now, I understand why Karin enjoyed so much sometimes.

Yes, I myself am happy with it about 21 cm long and 16 cm thick and wonderfully circumcised, which Marianne was a little surprised by and told that my foreskin was too tight and she could understand that with that thickness.

She put a hand around his cock and started jerking me softly while she caressed my scrotum

I got out of my jeans and got off my underwear and sweater so now I was completely naked too.

She looked a little at the cock and said she wanted to taste it a little but is not so used to sucking.

You’re probably doing really well Marianne, I answer.

She started by licking lightly around my forehead before slowly taking it in her mouth.

Mmmm .. how good and lovely it is Lasses is not around now she took more and more in her mouth while she jerked it I took the opportunity to caress and pinch her lightly in the breasts which she seemed to like.

Yes P knead my breasts hard gets so horny when you do so.

Marianne sucked harder and harder and felt that I could probably squirt at any time and warned her.

She looked up at me and said that for the first time ever she would like to get cum in her mouth makes me feel so wonderfully slutty horny at just the thought.

Marianne jerked a little harder and now I felt that it came solidified a little and then I came in her mouth Marianne tried to swallow the sperm but it flowed out some pulled slowly from my cock saw that Marianne took two fingers wiped around her mouth then took and sucked off them while she smiled.

It tasted really good if your semen P could imagine more of that product in my mouth but now I would like to feel your big lovely cock penetrate me and then squirt in me.

The cock was not emergency bed but with a couple of light jerking and a little play in Marianne’s vagina opening it got horny hard again asked Marianne to put her legs on my shoulders and put the cock in the opening slid slowly into her began to fuck her slowly out and in felt how the vaginal walls hugged my cock it was how nice anyway.

Which Marianne also thought when she moaned and said that she felt so wonderfully fulfilled in the mouse you fuck me so heavenly nice.

Do you want to ride me I asked her, yes she gladly answered I pulled myself out lay me on my back pulled her over me and the feeling was so nice when she steered in the cock and slid in slowly.

Marianne bent over me and we met in deep demanding heavy kisses raised her up and took her lovely breasts in my hands massaged and kneaded them hard as I said she liked it made her increase the pace over my cock and it was really heard how wet the mouse was .

Felt she might be ready for a little kinky so wet a finger asked her to lean, leaned against me put her finger against her anus and massaged softly felt how she solidified to a little relaxed again and then she asked what are you doing P?

Playing a bit, is it uncomfortable?

Well a little nice but strange…

Just relax and I let the finger slowly slide into her anus first then she stopped but then she got up a little so the finger slid in a little further in and then she came without warning and as she came I pulled out my finger and started pumping her with the cock in and out felt how the scrotum start to tighten and the cock tightened then I also came and squirted straight up in her hugging pussy ..

We just lay still and after a while my half slack cock slipped out of her with a plop.

Marianne slid down the side of me we met in a tender kiss and Marianne whispered that even though she and Lasse have had lots of sex, this was the best sex ever.

Yes, it was really nice, I replied, you did not take it badly when I pissed you in the ass then?

Well at first I thought that what is he doing then it was just wonderfully nice and came so fast… so you can feel free to tinker more next time.

Next time I answered, yes if you want of course Marianne answered.

More than happy more than happy I replied but now I want to take a lovely shower with you.

We went into the shower stood there and kissed while we soaped each other so relaxed and nice we got out of the shower and Marianne started laughing to herself.

But what now I asked, yes but think for yourself who had guessed a couple of hours ago that you and I would stand here naked shameless in front of each other after having the hottest most glorious sex ..

Then I smiled too, a bit of a dream I actually answered.

Marianne crawled next to me kissed me put her hand around my cock caressed softly and whispered, do you want to sleep over?

There was only one answer there…

She backed away a little looked at me a little pillamarically and then she asked.

P could you imagine shaving my mouse?

I would love to be completely smooth and smooth and try it for a while.

But what do you think Göran says when he notices that you are clean shaven?

I take it then and he does not dislike if I post it correctly.

So what do you say, do you want to shave me?

Of course I want what we get to pick up some things and put you to bed and I’ll come soon.

Marianne smiled and walked towards the bedroom while I looked for razors, shaving soap and also found a small bottle of baby oil to lubricate the mouse with after shaving I also took a bath towel and a small towel passed the kitchen where I filled a small bowl with lukewarm water before I went in to Marianne with a rock hard cock that swayed while I walked which looked a little funny and smiled a little to myself at the thought that I go completely naked at home with my ex-girlfriend and am on my way to shave the mouse on her mother. 

She was so beautiful when she lay there on her back in bed asked her to lighten her ass a little so I could put the towel under her parted softly on her legs took some shaving soap and rubbed it over her hair growth and Marianne moaned a little.

Shaved softly and gently and after a while she was completely smooth, took one towel, some water and wiped off the soap that was left. Took some baby oil and both lubricated and massaged it in gently and both heard and felt how horny she got let some oil run down to her anus while I peeled her clitoris brought two fingers into her and now she really enjoyed putting the other hand against her ass and now began to caress her anus with my oiled thumb first just around and then slowly into her and without warning Marianne came in a fountain orgasm and squirted all over me had never been with her husband to this before and Marianne started hysterically crying and almost screaming  

What are you doing with me is so heavenly fantastic nice continue continue….

Now pressed my whole thumb into her ass, I lay down and sucked her clit in my mouth and then she came again….

Let her relax and lay me on her side and we kissed hungry, and oh my god you are absolutely amazing you know it came from Marianne to have to be 46 years old before you got to experience this.

I caressed her lovely breasts and asked her was eager to get some cock in her….

Absolutely more than happy to come in me with your big lovely cock… turned her on the side put her one leg over mine and slid slowly in really wanted to feel her mouse even it was drenched so it hugged wonderfully.

Lying there and just fucking her and feeling that it was getting closer took her harder and Marianne just moaned yes yes harder and emptied me again with a large amount of cum in her… we lay and relax and the cock plop out of her and then we fall asleep so…

I woke up and looked at the clock and saw that it was just after eight and felt that I had a real morning stand even though I emptied myself twice the night before, are you awake whispered Marianne etc. I answered and then she moved close to me so her ass pressed against my hard cock lifted one leg and asked if I wanted to get into her.

More than happy I answered and slid slowly into her took my hand to caress her clit but she waved it away and said fuck me just calmly and quietly and squirt when you want…. We lay and just cuddled for about 10 minutes when I felt that I was about to whisper in Marianne’s ear that I will come soon, yes you came to empty your lovely cock in me.

We lay still for a while before Marianne said to stay you, I take a quick shower and fix breakfast while you shower.

The whole weekend was almost in the sign of sex and was with a little sadness I left Marianne on Sunday afternoon. We said we can hear but are a little low next week when Göran would be home all week.

It took 10 days before Marianne called and asked what I would do next Saturday, have nothing planned at all as far as I know I answered.

You would not want to come over then on Saturday afternoon?

I am more than happy to do so.

A little surprise is that we will be three….

Three pieces now I do not understand?

You have met Inger my friend and now my little question comes to you. Could you pretend you can massage and then seduce her while I stay in the background.

Sounds exciting I answer but how did you imagine it?

We will sit in the jacuzzi when you come and surprise us and she has confidently said that she is really hungry for you. But she knows nothing about you and me. So I will control it a bit when you come and feel free to come in shorts without underwear…

Ooj then I replied sounds like you thought out most things….

I little laughed Marianne but it’s a little thing to….

And what is that?

Well it will be so that she will suck you when she is lying on her back and you are standing next to her head and help now it comes…. then I lie down slowly between her legs and taste and lick her mouse…

Whoops was the only thing I could answer…

But what do you think she says then?

We both have been a little drunk talking about how it would feel to lick and get the mouse licked by a woman so thought it’s time now….

Wooow and it’s a bit of a dream I also have to be a part of….

So heavenly wonderful that you see it so Marianne replied, then see you at four on Saturday walk around to the back and we will sit in the bath.

Yes we do!

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