My Boss’ wifey

When I was 18, I took a course with my employer’s wife and son. My employer’s wife was 40 years old but looked incredibly good, I had fantasized about her many times. One week it was a hockey match on the same day as the course and the son preferred to go to hockey, so therefore only me and my wife were going to the course. She picked me up at home at 18:00 because the course started at 18:30.

This day she was wearing a pair of relatively tight trousers and a sweater that really emphasized the shapes of her upper body, she had also put on a perfume that smelled seductive. We went out to the course and there everything went as normal, except of course it was an hour shorter than it used to be. In the car on the way home, she suddenly asked if I thought she was sexy. I replied that she was the woman her age that I would most like to have sex with. She thanked for the compliment, but instead of putting her hand on the gear lever, it ended up over my semi-hard cock. Oj Oj Oj, she said: I see that we anticipate the events here.

I did not really know what to do so I put one hand on her breast and began to caress it. She turned onto a small side street and stopped the car. We both got out and started kissing violently. I quickly unbuttoned her pants so I could get my hand in her panties. She was soaking wet down there. In the meantime she had managed to get my fly up and now she bent down and started sucking on me. The absolute best blowjob in my whole life.

It did not take many minutes before I filled her whole mouth with semen, she tried to swallow as best she could but there was still a little that flowed outside. She said: Now it’s your turn! And I can readily admit that I was not late to obey. She lay down on the hood and parted her legs, but I still started by giving her breasts a round. She was really horny for the whole time I sucked on her breasts so she lay and moaned. I moved down to Her inviting pussy and started working with my tongue, her clitoris got a treatment that it will soon forget. She had seven orgasms in 20 minutes. Now she really swore that I would fuck her, so I stopped licking and brought my new stand up to her lap. At first I teased the clitoris a little with the glans, but then I placed the glans in the mouth between her two cut labia and pressed on. It just slackened and the whole cock was all the way to the root inside her.

I started to itch gently to slowly increase the pace, but every time I bumped she rocked up on the hood and then slid down again and faced the next shock. It took a maximum of ten minutes before she had her next orgasm and screamed straight into the night. I suggested we change position so we moved into the car. Or rather, she moved into the car.

She sat with one leg up in the back seat and the other down on the floor, with her butt sticking out through the back door. When I now fucked her from behind, her breasts rocked in time. This was such an incredibly exciting sight that I had to pull myself out so as not to get inside her right away. I started and licked her instead, although this time I focused on her little beautiful ass hole. When I thought I had smeared enough saliva around her anus, I placed my glans in the middle of the hole and started pressing. At first it was very crowded but once she relaxed it was no problem.

It was clearly tighter than the pussy but it was so incredibly nice that I continued to itch. She squealed loudly with pleasure and as the orgasm approached and her muscles began to work I could not hold back any longer. I pressed my cock to the root and we came in a joint orgasm. I pumped her whole beautiful ass hole full of cum, so when I pulled out that cum flowed out of the hole again. A drop fell on the leather in the back seat so I picked it up with my index finger and brought it to her mouth. She sucked her whole finger in her mouth and then said: MMMMM how good it was! We have to do this again !! And we have done that. About once a week I now fuck the earth’s most beautiful 40 year old in all her holes, but this first time I will never forget !!!!

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