Let my left hand slide up and hug your chest while my right hand slides down inside your pants. Down and letting your fingers part your lips while the middle finger slides into you and I feel how wet you are. 

He’s been sitting and watching and it makes you horny 

He sees me playing with you standing behind you. Fully dressed but the sound of your wet pussy is heard. 

You say “take off your pants and show me your cock” which he does. He sits in front and jerks for you while I caress you. 

You look up at me and say “I want to take off my pants” let you get off my pants. Sit with one foot on each chair. You look into his eyes and down at his stand while I insert a few fingers into you caress your g point ready then get a good grip to stimulate it abundantly. You get wet so it flows down from you and he enjoys the spectacle and the sound that comes from your stimulus. When you moan, you see how the attachment flows abundantly out of the glans down along the shaft. 

You’re stopping me now. You’re really upset so your hand grabs mine and your eyes show it’s enough. Hear you say “may I ask for one thing” yes I say. You look at me and say “undress so I can take you in the mouth” then you look at him and say “I do not want you to squirt yet, but I want you to lick me to orgasm before you both fuck me”. 

Enjoy feeling your mouth close around me and take it as deep as you can. Sometimes just use my tongue along my delicate string. It sometimes drips from your mouth when it is added. Notice how you start moaning and your breathing changes just before you release my cock with your mouth holding you with your arms in front and not going to the floor. The moaning and breathing quickly decelerates and now you see how you squeeze the thighs around his head where he licks you with a dull “mmmmmm åhhhhhh” followed by a moment of panting “stop stop stop” while your hand pushes his head away from you. 

We are waiting for you until the orgasm subsides. 

You stand up with glossy eyes give me a kiss and him a hug while your hands play with our cocks. 

You say “Normally I would have thought of continuing in the bedroom but right now I just want you in me and that you switch and take me.” I tell him the guests first just as you lean forward over a chair. Lets you suck mine while I feel your body move forward thrust over me. See the grip of his hands on your hips and hear him moan. He slows down and you mumble something about “mmm hot” then we change seats. 

I’m pretty ready now and you understand he’s close so you take it easy with the sucking. I want to change a little more times so when I feel it coming I stop deep with a hard blow and wait a few seconds for my syringe to be thrown into you. 

You moan when you feel the semen coming into you and your vagina begins to squeeze harder. Understand you waited and enjoyed us and approach the orgasm. 

We switch and you keep me on the verge of orgasm while he slides into your pussy which is now extra slippery from my cum. 

Hear you tell him to squirt in you because you do not have far to orgasm. It does not take long before he squirts in you, it is visible in your eyes that you enjoy feeling the sperm come into you. 

He goes to the side and I penetrate again and feel your muscles when they hug me and are followed by your moan that now you come so I increase the pace and fuck at a fast pace until I come and I hear you just as you get mine cum moaning in an orgasm. I continue for a while extra after I come to be sure your orgasm has finished before I stay deep in you. 

May pick me up a little before I pull out and see how semen flows out of you now. And cozy his. 

You stand up and we get a towel that you can sit on. 

Everyone is pretty quiet and we are waiting for you to clearly enjoy the orgasm wave. 

We go and clean ourselves and I make coffee. Now the atmosphere is relaxing and playful which it becomes when you are sexually satisfied 🙂 

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