Extra hot in the sauna

Adult evening at the bath is always nice, usually calm and restful, but sometimes it can really get hot.

After swimming quite a few lengths, I went up to the relaxation area. A quick shower before I sat in the whirlpool, sank down, closed my eyes and enjoyed myself all alone.

After a while, four guys came and sat down on the right. They talked, but not so much. Then came three more guys who cheered on the four. They sat to my left and then it got a little crowded so there was some foot contact before everyone had landed.

A few minutes later I felt just bubbling through and went up to the shower room. I undressed and took a shower. Soap and shampoo to be really nice and clean before the sauna. The boys came in and quickly rinsed off before entering the sauna.

When I finished showering and washing, I also went into the sauna. The guys had sat down so there was only room in the middle of the middle lichen of three. I sat down with three guys on the top lichen, one on each side of me in the middle and two below me. A nice feeling to be in the middle of these nice guys.

They talked a little with each other and seemed to know each other all seven, so I was a little outside even though I was in the middle of them. Nice with a sauna anyway so I sat down more comfortably in the tailor’s position and closed my eyes.

The guy behind me got up for a shower and happened to (?) Come so his snout caressed my neck and one cheek. He said nothing but just went out and took a shower. When he came in he smiled at me and got up again. Even then, I got a caress from his slightly swollen snout.

He sat down behind me, knelt forward a little so his knee just touched my shoulders for a while. Then he spread his legs and breathed so it blew in my neck.

I twisted my neck a little and saw that the guy to my right had a growing stand and when I looked the other way that guy had the same. I smiled and leaned back a little until I felt the inner thighs of the guy behind my shoulders. I also felt that he had a nice stand that he pressed against my neck. 

I turned my head a little and pulled to the left so I got his forehead against the cheek. Then I kept turning until I could lick the glans and then started sucking him. The other guys checked and turned to us, so I looked around I saw six lovely stalls.

I continued to suck and enjoyed his hot cock. The other guys caressed themselves, each other and me all over. One hand sought my cock and began to jerk, another caressed along my back and then let the hand slide down over my buttocks. It was nice to be caressed and at the same time suck a wonderfully throbbing cock.

I sucked deeply while massaging his scrotum and suddenly he tensed his body in an arc and just squirted. My mouth was filled with sticky, salty cum and I swallowed as best I could. The other guys smiled at me and when I left the first cock the guy stood to my left and handed his cock to me. I was not late to take care of him too and sucked hungry on his hard cock.

Two of the other guys had started sucking each other’s cock, so now we were three nice sucking couples in the sauna. The first guy stood and watched us all while caressing his resting cock.

It was a lovely feeling and there was a lot of moaning and small shouts from the guys. The one I sucked gripped my neck tightly and pushed his cock to the root. Then he screamed and dropped a lovely batch down my throat. I swallowed it too, of course.

The other two who were sucked by friends came one by one and then they sat down for a while. Someone went out and showered, but the three of us who sucked sat still and looked satisfied, but still had our own stalls that did not receive treatment.

The other two sat on either side of me and I grabbed their hard cocks while they caressed and jerked my cock. After a while I leaned down to the right and started sucking him. He leaned back and moaned gratefully and could not hold back the orgasm so I got the third charge of cum in less than half an hour.

My own cock was bursting with horniness now. The guy on the left lay down and started sucking me. I lay down so we ended up in nice 69a and then we sucked hungry on each other’s cocks. He came the second before me, but we took each other’s sentences in our mouths and swallowed, of course.

It was a lovely relax and I left the bath full and satisfied. On the way out, a guy came up to me and thanked me for a wonderful moment and wondered if I had hurried home. . .

I did not have that, so we went home to him for a coffee, snack and a little me. ?? .. but I will write about that another time.

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