Caravan Weekend

Yes, everything is included, I shouted to Hans who had just asked if we could go. The motorhome was packed for a long weekend with our best friends; Per and Johanna. This trip was our second and we had adjusted some details to make it all work better with four. Among other things, Hans had made it possible for us all to sleep equally comfortably in a giant bed instead of two smaller beds.

We went to pick up Per and Johanna who lived a few kilometers from us. A little extra packing and then it was off to our final destination which we planned to reach five hours later. We had set out an area that was difficult to access and planned to take a small road that led through a nature park and down to a number of small coves with wonderful sand. The area was known for naturism and so this year in October there should not be many to crowd.

Our friends had been there several times and told us that even in high season it was possible to find your own bays where you could be completely alone. Per and Johanna love the outdoors and like to sunbathe and swim naked. That is probably not why they have become such good friends, as we have so much in common. The fact that both take care of their bodies and look very good for their age means that we have more than once talked and fantasized about having sex with them. We are pretty sure that Per and Johanna would also be interested. In any case, it has not been more than with the fantasies as we all care about our friendship and no one wants to take the first step.

Six hours and two breaks later we see the sea glistening in the still so strong sun. The small road that will take us the last kilometer down to the coast is really narrow and in poor condition. It goes very slowly and with our vehicle it feels like we overturn several times. No other cars in sight. We turn right when we reach the main beach. An even smaller road if possible takes us further behind a rock formation and we decide to park a few tens of meters from a wonderful small bay with light beautiful sand. The beach is framed with large rocks and the only road that leads down to the bay is the one we are on now. We are pretty sure that no one else will want to stand next to or behind us, as space is very limited.

We set out tables and chairs and Hans weaves out the awning. Per suggests a dip to test the temperature in the sea.

Probably at least 26 degrees, he says and starts to undress.

The rest of us are, of course, tearing off our clothes and running naked down to the beach. The feeling of running out in the waves naked is wonderful. It must be 30 degrees, I think. Everyone is now in and playing in the waves. Hans brings a volleyball with him and suggests that we play a little.

Two teams, the girls against us guys, suggest Hans, at the same time as he throws the ball to Per. I stand closest to Per and try to stop him from throwing the ball back to Hans. This failed, but I now stand a little closer so that Hans will have a harder time finding Per. Just when Hans looks like he is throwing, I feel two arms around me. Per holds me tight. His body presses shamelessly against mine and a light rush goes through me. He pushes me away in the same second as the ball flies over my head. One point for the guys! But now we know how to play. I see how Johanna is close to Hans and how they seem to wrestle. Light shouts and laughter where they both try to get the upper hand to be able to receive the ball. I notice that Hans is waiting and throws himself at him. The ball is lifted high by one of his hands and I try to climb on him as if he were a tree. Without luck. I now stand behind Per and grab his waist and press myself against his body. Forget the ball for a while and feel his lovely chubby ass against my abdomen. I let my hands slide down to his sex and suddenly feel that he is capable. I automatically grab his stake and the ball goes backwards in the water whereupon Per turns around and looks me deep in the eyes. I let go of everything I hold and splash the shame on the way to the ball. Now the roles have changed.

Johanna, are you in? I shout and state that Johanna and Hans have stopped their fight. Johanna is held by Hans who from behind has put his arms around her. I throw the ball at them but no one seems interested in continuing.

We swim a little more in the waves and then lie down on the beach to dry in the sun. I glance at Hans and Per’s sex and find that they are both bigger than normal. Hmmm, I guess. Wondering if Hans also had a stand when he pressed against Johanna. Notice that I enjoy the naked bodies next to me. Lucky I’m not a guy. Then I would have had a stand now, I think.

I close my eyes and snooze with beautiful images in my brain.

An hour or so later, the sun is about to set and it feels like a gong. We quickly wrap the towels around us and head to the camper. We decide the order of the shower and appoint Hans to be the chef of the evening.

The candle lanterns are lit and nice waves are the only sound we are reached by where we sit and enjoy after the meal. The stars shine evocatively and I feel satisfied and satisfied after our first day in this wonderful paradise. It’s getting late and Per suggests that the boys make the bed and I, with Johanna’s help, clean up after dinner.

The motorhome’s seats are transformed into a giant bed of 2 × 2.6. A special sheet is pulled on, pillows with blankets are laid out and vips so it looks much nicer than two cramped small beds.

We are all ready to crawl down when Per asks how we are going to sleep. We agree that the girls are in the middle and the boys against each other’s wall. Since we all sleep naked in normal cases, it is no wonder to even sleep like this. We cuddle next to our respective husbands and exchange a good night together

I feel irritable and petty and have found my way to His sex which stands like a skewer. Plays a little with his lovely hairless scrotum and cuddles on his hairy belly. Pulls some slow strokes on his cock and notices how he swallows out of horniness. His hand has looked down at my shaved mouse and slowly caresses my wet slit. Even though the bed is large, we are very close to each other. Johanna’s butt is just a few inches from mine. All four are covered with only a thin sheet.

Suddenly I feel a hand on my ass. Per has started massaging Johanna’s ass and he also touches mine. Conscious slow movements. Caressing where consideration is given to the fact that we both should enjoy. Every now and then the hand continues over my hip and slowly back. I shake and nibble Hans in the ear and whisper almost silently that someone has started caressing my ass. He responds by licking my throat. I enjoy. Has become really horny. Releases the grip on His cock and turns me slowly until I lie facing Johanna. His one hand under me grabs my mouse again while the other seeks my one breast. I feel His cock has found its way into my asshole and where it pulsates with horniness.

My horniness takes over. I put my one arm carefully around Johanna and quickly bump into Per who is close to her. My hand reaches his hairy breasts and I quickly look for one of his nipples. Plays a bit with this and notices how it stiffens from my play. Now everyone is aware of what is going to happen. Everyone is horny and breathing heavily.

I want to lick Johanna whispers Hans in my ear behind me. I lean towards Johanna and ask further;

Can Hans lick you? Mmmmmm, I hear from Johanna. Now it’s changing places. Per gets up and Johanna lays closer to the wall so that Hans can step over me to access Johanna. At the same time, Per turns on the light. I look up at Per who is standing right in front of me. His cock is on guard and looks wonderfully beautiful. A little smaller than Hans, but a nice, shaved scrotum and otherwise well-groomed around.

I get up on my knees and grab Per’s hands and ask him to kneel in front of me. We both now kneel and hold each other and look curiously at Johanna and Hans.

oh what Johanna has dreamed about this Per whispers

What have you dreamed then I whisper at the same time as I am extremely excited to see Hans lick my best friend. Both enjoy and make loud moans.

I have longed to lick your lovely bull pussy since the first time I saw it moans Per.

Why then do I whisper angrily back.

Your mouse is so wonderfully comfortable to look at. You are always clean shaven and your gap is visible just as much as it should. Then it pops out so wonderfully. As if made to lick, Per whispers further.

I enjoy every word and my hands have of course reached down to his back end where a wonderful chubby little ass begins. My hands continue to move and now massage my butt in full strokes. Firm, small and chubby. That I like! His cock is pressed against my stomach and I feel his hands caress my back. I lean my cheek against Per’s chest and enjoy his hairy, powerful breasts. Nibbles a little in his nipple and hears his moan as confirmation of his pleasure. My one hand has been looking for Per’s gender. I grab curiously and find that the size is smaller than Hans but hard as stone. Soft, warm to the touch and at the same time very hard. Mmmmm, how good it must be to feel it in me, I think dreamily. Per pulls up my head and holds it tenderly towards him. Our lips meet and with Hans and Johanna’s moans in the background we slowly begin to kiss. Wonderful feeling! New, exciting and nice. He tastes good and has a nice tongue that fits perfectly with mine. We press our sex against each other and hanging becomes more and more eager. I vibrate with horniness. Excited by His pleasure and Johanna’s moaning.

I want to lick you now, Per asks, and I lean slowly backwards until I have to lie down voluntarily. I settle down and feel Per’s tongue on my stomach. His hairy chest is stroked on my sex and I suspect this will be wonderful. Per lets his tongue wander down and continues past my sex and now licks the inside of my thighs. I spread my legs as much as I can and unknowingly lift my pelvis. The tongue is on its way back and is now finally reaching my horny pussy. Ohhhhh, well. Love to be licked by Hans, but this was different. Feels more tantalizing, is like the first time, everything feels nice. He licks alternately slowly and alternately fast. I’m vibrating. Johanna next to me is coming. His moans between Johanna’s legs. Seconds later, Johanna throws her head from side to side and explodes in a wonderful orgasm.

I try to call His attention and ask Him to come up to me. I want his wonderful cock in my mouth. I have dreamed of that! Hans gets on his knees next to my head and I grab his very hard cock. Rarely have I felt it so hard! I start sucking and licking. A wonderful feeling. Licking feels even more comfortable. I do not want it to end. At the same time, Johanna has woken up to life and has sought refuge with Per. Now both are licking my mouse. I shudder and enjoy. Ummmmm so nice. Oh oh oh. I can’t stay much longer. I grab an even better grip on His beautiful cock and small bites on his forehead. I can not suck without pants to be able to breathe. Johanna and Per lick me into a giant orgasm. I vibrate, shake and enjoy. Lying exhausted on my back with three spectators on my knees around me.

Now I want to feel both in me, says Johanna.

Per lies down on his back and pulls Johanna over. Quickly finds his cock in Johanna’s cave. Slowly Johanna starts riding Per and says at the same time;

we want you Hans in my back Please Agneta help so you can try then

Hans stands behind Johanna and asks me to control it all. I soak his whole cock with saliva and get more lubricant from my wet licked mouse. Begins to smear Johanna’s back and tries to penetrate a finger. Then two. As the third finger also slides in, I understand that Johanna is ready for His cock. I grab it and gently push it into Johanna. Per and Johanna are now lying still and moaning. Hans gently presses and pushes over half his cock into Johanna’s back. Let the cock slide in and out a few times. Now Hans is also moaning.

Ohhhh and good

Per starts itching again and together they find a slow common pace. I lean down to kiss Per. He moans and meets my tongue with his. I get wet with Per and notice that he is about to come. I find my hand down Per’s belly and reach his wet hard cock. Feel how he pushes in and out of Johanna’s pussy. I help Johanna to enjoy more and start fiddling with her pussy. Just like I like myself. Immediate reaction. Johanna moans even louder and pant and vibrates. Per’s heavy whips in my mouth and I’m forced to satisfy myself with my free hand. I feel like I can come at any time but want to wait for the others. All four now moan loudly and approach a common orgasm. Johanna’s one hand strokes my back and massages my backside. Pills with his fingers in my mouse from behind. I massage myself from the front. Can’t hold back anymore… ..

Now I will moan Per in my mouth. He immediately explodes and triggers a reaction in me, Johanna and Hans. We all come at the same time and shake and moan to finally fall into each other’s arms.

Everyone seems happy and satisfied. I am also happy and want to have the pleasure of feeling two cocks in me. We all dry ourselves and go to bed. End up in between Per and Hans. Per in my back with his one hand on my mouse, I in His back and Johanna on her back with His hand on her one breast.

From the open windows pulls a nice breeze that cools our bodies. We huddle together even more and I hope that my happiness will last forever.

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