Awesome experience

You live a few miles from Uppsala. After some writing and exchanging what we were looking for, we decided on a hotel meeting. You came up with suggestions for hotels, where you can come and go without control.

I booked and you were given instructions on how to get in and find the room. You suggested that we see each other at 2 pm, because you needed to be home again in the evening and meet your daughter.

It always gives extra excitement, when you have not been seen before. The clock began to approach 14. I looked nervously out the window. Would you come? Were you prepared to immediately jump into bed with an unknown man? A few minutes late I see a girl coming walking. You would come by car, right? Is it you? I had left the door ajar. It opens quietly and you enter. WOW! What a woman! We hug and you ask, “What happens now?”

I answer: “I want to massage your naked body! Come and we will undress naked.”

Soon we are both naked. You lie on your stomach on the bed and I slowly start massaging your body with non-smearing lotion. Your tense neck relaxes. I beg you to turn around. Enjoy seeing your lovely breasts, where the warts point out really stiff. Massage the breasts, without touching the warts. Lets your hands wander down. Circulating movements on the stomach and near your little pussy. You spread your legs and I massage from the bottom of my feet upwards. Extra much on the inside of the thighs near your pussy lips, but do not touch. I see how it shines in your little hole. Let both index fingers slide outside the lips at the same time and press lightly against your hard little bud. You moan with horniness.

I slide down and start licking your pussy at the same time, as I let a finger slide in and massage in there. It only took a few minutes, before you came in a violent orgasm. I slid up and we hugged. When we exchanged emails, I had asked if your pussy became sensitive after an orgasm. I got the unusual answer, that you did not become sensitive at all. Just to drive on directly. I lay on top and let my cock slide into your hot, wet little pussy. You came back quickly. I wanted to wait to come, because it takes a while to recover.

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